Monday, March 10, 2008

Day 10 - Everythings Exposed!

Wow - 10 days after surgery and everythings off! Its still really swollen and I won't be able to tell the final result for some months but everyone has already said what a huge improvement it is (thanks guys)! Internal sutures are pulling like mad - wish they'd hurry up and dissolve! The brusing is much improved. I've been taking Arnica oil drops and applying witch hazel cool gel which i think has helped. Now all I have to do, is avoid sunlight for the next few weeks!!!! Its still not completely straight, but after a year Prof Sormann will check it and if it requires more surgery, I'll have to go back under the knife!

Today is also our wedding anniversay - 14 yrs - get less for murder! We celebrated by.......well we've done nothing to be honest. In fact its been pretty shit! Went online to check bank statements to find 3 unlawful transactions - airline purchase tickets for Easyjet, made from Luton in the UK. Called Westpac immediately and.........well what a shocking service! Firstly accused of not being who i say I am, then spent 20 mins on the phone trying to convince this girl that we're the victims of fraud and something needs to be done (ie card stopped and money refunded), finally get put through to the fraud dept who state its going to take 21 days to do an investigation, then our money will be replaced! I asked her if I'd been mugged in the street and $180 taken from my purse would she be more sympathetic????

So, we now have to close our bank accounts and open up new ones. Its so inconvenient, but we just don't feel 'safe'!

On a lighter note, attached some pics of how we spend every Saturday morning - at the gym with our personal trainer Nikki Scott - shes amazing and so patient! Aaron as always is a shit - the other two enjoy the fitness and make the most of it! Oh and a pic of my lovely kitchen as seen through my new Sigma lens - love it!

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