Friday, March 21, 2008

Purple Sock Days..........

Now Ollie's almost 9 we've decided to let him dress himself (yess we know he should have perfected that one by the age of 4, but like anything involving Ollie, it was a tad delayed due to him being so lazy)! So I laid his uniform at the end of the bed, and disappeared to make the morning coffee! I came back and found Ollie sitting cross legged on the rug, very pleased that he'd found some purple socks! Apparently the little white ankle ones are 'boring'! Fair enough! He'd manage to stretch the purple socks right up to his knees - looked hilarious, if not a little cute! Off he went to school with me worrying all day that some kid would say something unkind. Worries unfounded, as when I went to collect him, he was happy as Larry! His mates think the socks are fab and funky. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that anything goes at Eumundi!

Other best matey Louise has a new job, practice manager at Skin Alert Noosa - so pleased for you chick you deserve it!

My nose....well its STILL swollen and I return to work next Tuesday! Mates reckon its a huge improvement on the old nose - even swollen, thanks guys!

Mark is still off work as he's supposed to be looking after me (yeah right)! At the moment he's busy landscaping the garden. I've instructed him that I want a place of peace and tranquility, a place where I can chill away from the boys! So off he went to Bunnings and returned with..... brushwood screening and some bits of wood - lets see what McGuyver makes out of that then!

My car is now on Trading Post - still no takers. With the interest rates at an all time high, I'd say everyones skint! My little car could be with us a wee while as yet! Did you know only 34% of Aussies own their own home??? The rest rent as its so much cheaper!

Attached is a photo of a gorgeous card my friend Lara made for me - shes so clever! Lara also makes really pretty and unique jewellery, so if you want anything, drop me a line and I'll pass on her details!

Oh and following our completely mad wet season, our beaches are finally getting back to normal. I took this pic a few days ago at Peregian Beach whilst going for a leisurely stroll with Mark. It was beautiful!

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