Thursday, March 6, 2008

Day 6 - Splint Off and Sutures Out! Ouch!!!!!!

Ouch!!! After surviving nil pain post operatetively, I think my Specialist decided it was time to make me squeal!!! After 30mins plus 4 x suture removal plus splint removal, I think Gerard and Brooke finally managed to get me off the ceiling! Have to say, it hurt and stung - but its over with!

Now have another splint on (skin coloured) that I have to keep on for the next 7 days (at least)! I'm now offcially 'yellow' or 'jaundiced' as the kids keep saying (they watch far too much House)! Gerard gave me the mirror and I have to admit I was slightly shocked! I'm just not used to it yet - theres still so much swelling. He'd already told me he couldn't straighten it completely and it may need another op in a year - but I was still shocked at the difference.

Its gentle handling from now as basically my nose is fractured and needs to heal correctly - laughing, giggling,chewing - (basically enjoying oneself) is strictly forbidden - why oh why then did I have to watch Run Fat Boy Run! Funniest film ever! Have I split the internal sutures? Most likely! Haven't laughed so much in ages! Good old British comedy - can't beat it!

Anyway some more updated pics. Everyone has commented on how huge my.............eyes are! Apparently they're huge and shiny (or were they saying I have two enormous shiners - quite possible)!

Thanks to everyone whose sent cards and ecards - Lara - you are a clever girl (hand made cards - superb)! Thanks to SJ for the flowers and Aunty Maggy for the email and card. Not sure when the next update will be? In 7 days I guess!

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