Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Day 4 Post Op and I want a bloody hot latte!!!

Ok, so days 1-3 have gone ok, minimal discomfort, minimal blood loss, lots of funny stares from passers by (not helped by our friend saying loudly "you bad bad man" to my hubby in front of most of Eumundi (that would be all of 5 peeps)! Saw Prof Sormann on the Monday and he took the packing out - made my eyes water but again no pain! Sutures still in situ as is the splint! God its driving me insane - it feels so heavy I want to rip it off!

Bed rest is obviously going well (ummm we went for lunch yesterday then looked at more land)! There really are only so many trashy magazines you can read - or only so many hours a day you can try and figure out your finances! So bed rest has gone out the window!

Haven't done the school run - don't want to scare the children! Most of my mates are avoiding me (maybe the splint smells) - apart from SJ whose arriving oooo any minute now to witness the damage/pain for herself!

OK, so now need to sell my car in order to replace the savings blown on nose (ok, well not blown but you know what I mean)! So if anyone wants a 2000 Toyota RAV 4, short wheel base, FSH, full electrics,metallic burgundy, manual, air con, cd player, new shocks and tyres, safety cert 165,000 kms's - then send us an email. Oh and excellent condition as only 2 female owners from new (me and some other bird in Brisbane)! If I don't sell my car - I may have to sell either a kidney - or my childrens kidneys! Renal function is over rated anyway!

Sorry about the photography - will be unable to do any for about 2 weeks, so it'll be just pics of my nose, my nose and possibly my left cheek (face I promise)!

Thanks for the emails requesting more info. I had my surgery with professor Gerard Sormann. He's down in Melbourne, but flies up to Queensland to do surgery. He operates at Noosa hospital. Heres a link to his website. http://www.profgerardsormann.com.au/

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