Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bravery Award goes to........ ME!

Ha - I went through with it! Arrived at the hospital at 6.30am - showed to ward and bed, had done the usual fasting from midnight etc etc. Met the anaethetist - terrified him with my autoimmune disorder and multiple allergies - poor bloke wanted to go home! Waved Mark off at 8am when I went into theatre! Waited in recovery (only 3 beds for you lots slogging it out in the Colly General) whilst they prepped me, had a good dose of Midazolam (hypnovel) and off I went. Woke up - nil pain but lots of bleeding despite being packed with BIPP (coccaine) - at least Ithink it is! Was a on high from that mo on. Have to warn you the pics are not pretty so close eyes now if squeamish. I'm only on day 2 so bear with me, the swelling etc will go down and we'll see the final effect in a year! (thats right a year). The surgeons warned that with septal deviation I may even need another op!

So I'm now home, with the packing in situ, not needing any painkillers (yet) but plenty of temazepam as I'm suppose to be on strict bed rest for the next week (as if) - they've even given me TEDS to wear (compression stockings for you non med folk)!

Ok so here come the before shots (I apologise but I let Mark take the pre op ones so they're blurry) Oh and no make up as

a) just woke up

b) not allowed any chemicals on your face for a week!

Incidentally the sutures to my left cheek are from a lesion removal he did at the same time!

Post Op - out of theatre 10 mins! (I actually couldn't talk coherently at this stage - hilarious apparently)

Post op Day 1

Post op - Day 2 at home

Day 3 will be back at where I work to see Prof Sormann and get the packing removed (tomorrow). I've been warned I'll go through up to 5 boxes of tissues a day with the bleeding (nice)! Its not completely straight as he's scored the cartiledge in the septum so it'll straighten over time, or as it dries out.

Already friends who've come over have noticed a diffrence in the shape and deviation! Oh and I'm on a cold, soft diet for the week - yoghurt for me then!

A massive thanks to everyone for the emails and cards! Michelle, mark, Debbie, Gerry,Jason & Paula) Hayley, I hope this is the kinda thing you wanted to see? Katy - go for it girl its easy. A huge thank you to Vera, Lou,Kim,Karyn, leanne,Francis,Sandy,Brooke and Kylie for my gorgeous flowers! Brooke - you kept me sane overnight texting!

I think getting used to the swelling and bruising is the main thing, everytime I look in the mirror theres more!

Thanks again to everyone and I'll keep you updated! Does anyone wanna see the packing come out? Ummm maybe not! Love you all Annie X

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