Thursday, April 17, 2008

Love is in the air..........

Ahhh don't you just love love???? Nope? Well then you should spend some time with Brooke and Ricky - they are both utterly gorgeous, so in love and marrying in ooooooooo, less than a years time! Spent a few hours with them down the beach, weather perfect, sea perfect, sand - irritating (well it gets everywhere). Found another great location - with some more funky graphitti (hey sometimes it's just well placed)! At the request of Brooke, I can't put too many pics on here as she reckons her arse is 'huge' - ummmmm, yeah right!!!! Brooke you have one of the neatest and littlenest backsides ever! Your smaller than me! (if anyone knows me, they'll realise just how small that is - I buy clothes ages 12-14 years)!

Other news..... we celebrated another year of living on the Sunshine Coast quitting my job! Or rather bailing out before the whole place collapses! With 2 other members of staff quitting, our boss bullying and harrassing everyone, our superannuation (pension for future)not getting paid for over a year, and learning that our boss was taking out loans amounting to over $240,000 (to cover wages and expenses) - a few of us decided it would be easier to bail out now! So Friday I waved goodbye to Noosa MCS, by Monday I had not one but FOUR good job offers! Three nursing and one photography with Catz Images. Now I face the difficult decision of deciding which one. Decisions,decisions.................. (I'll let you know in due course as I'm taking the next 3 weeks off to 'think' and do some 'arty' stuff).

Mark on the other hand continues to be very settled at Noosa Heads Cop Shop! He's doing a proposal targetting 'hoons' (boy racers to everyone in the UK)! It involves shaming them and impounding these kids vehicles until they learn the valuable lesson of safe driving and respect!

Weather??? Do I bother to continue commenting on the weather? Well, its just beautiful - love the autum and winter! Sunny days up to 30 degrees and chilly nights where you can get into your rather non flattering flanalette PJ's (can't spell it)! Oh how I long for decent cotton M&S PJ's - honestly I resemble something from the 70's! Have even contemplated getting flannalette bed linen to match (yesss, they do that here).

Good to see my Dad and Edie are finally online! Hurrah! The boys miss you lots as always! Can't believe Rich (my brother) is leaving for NZ next month! Determinations a great thing!

Oh and the biggest news (even bigger than me quitting my job) is - the kids went back to school!!!! Hurrahhhhh!!!! (oh and I got that terrible tummy bug thing - and passed it on to my mates - sorry about that guys)!


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