Sunday, April 27, 2008

Scatty as ever.......

Now you would have assumed (I did say 'assumed'), that after going through the last 3 Anzac's completely unorgansied- we'd all have been a tad more prepared???? Errrmmmmm, nope! As usual we awoke to the children protesting that;
  1. Their school uniforms needed to be 'clean' AND 'ironed' (yes, BOTH)

  2. I should have 'home baked' the Anzac cookies (yes I hear you all laughing at that one)

  3. The floral wreath should have been finely woven and loveingly prepared in prep for the special wreath laying service (again I can hear the laughter)

Ok - so what had we done, errrmmmmm, the usual - nothing! In a frantic (and I mean FRANTIC display of motherly madness) - I rushed around the house, loaded the washing machine with school uniforms, quickly followed by the tumble drier, rushed to the bakers, where, I discovered, they had lovelingly prepared the said Anzac cookies and placed them on paper plates ready for the other not-so-organised parents to come and collect and take into school - giving the impression, that us wonderful Mums (and dads) had spent the last few days chained to the stove baking - (thank you Hodges Bakery, Eumundi). After this we rushed to the local servo to buy a bunch of flowers - alas they were all sold out (funny that), and no, although it did cross my mind to go and pinch some bird of paradises from the roundabouts, I refrained (but only cos Mark was with me)! 9am we were marching alongside the kids to commemorate Anzac Day (quite frankly all I wanted to do was sit in a hot spa with a glass of bubbly - alas, this had to wait)! The service was beautiful, emotionally we sang Waltzing Matilda (when did that become the national anthem???), the children laid the floral tributes (have to mention, that my lovely son Cameron was a wreath bearer and what a fine job he did of it too)! The choir sung my fave song Fields of Gold (ok, not quite in the same category as Nadine from Girls Aloud, but hey they're only 9 yrs old) then we all gave each other hugs and headed back to school.

Ummm as you can see my son and Lachlan got into the swing of things

Friday.... we chilled by the river. The boys fished, swam and Mark and I caught up with some trash mag reading! Oh and my beautiful friend Louise and her hubby Pele came over for an evening BBQ (that I did manage to organise) we chilled, drank wine and updated our Facebook's! (yes we know how to live it up)!

Today we've continued the 'chilled' theme. We spent the morning preparing a BBQ brunch with the boys, we did a spot of shopping, met up with Lou again in BigW (the only outing we ever seem to do) then headed down the beach for some bougie boarding. And after all of this, theres just one thing that needs to be said.....

Lest we forget.................... X Annie X

and for Jacob, a special photo shoot for his beautiful Mum and a friend of mine Kylie - the message is written for you Kylie, you have one very, thoughtful son. He almost made me cry when I was designing this shoot for him. Thank you Jacob, you are an inspiration X

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