Wednesday, May 7, 2008

And baby turns.....9!!!!!

And how he was back then .......... just a tiny little boy with a lot of fun......

On the day this picture was taken, we almost lost Ollie - it was a day none of us will ever forget. We were at a BBQ, I put the arm bands on him as he was still learning to swim. At some point in the afternoon he removed them. I remember feeling suddenly 'silent and calm', I could hear people talking, echoing almost, but couldn't hear their exact words. My hearing was focused on the pool. I couldn't see Ollie. I remember feeling sick in the pit of my stomach, I remember seeing someone under the water, with blonde hair - I assumed it was his older brother Aaron he could swim and was always fooling around. It all happened so quickly. It was a split second where I shouted for my husband Mark - he raced over to the pool and pulled him out. He was conscious, but only just. He was blue, his lips, tongue,gums completely blue. He was barely breathing, we laid him on his side, he coughed up a lot of water, I could hear him wheezing and struggling to get air. It was a day we have never ever forgotten. He was under for around 30 seconds. Witnesses describe him moving, fighting to stay afloat then suddenly the movement stopped. It was around that point that my attention was 'drawn' to the pool, and instinct took over.

He was only 3 at the time but said something amazing, he could 'see a light' and see 'daddy coming to get him'. This was impossible as Mark had to race from one end of the garden to the other. That evening whilst sitting beside his bed, I cried and cried. I told my sister what happened, she cried. Things could have been so so different that day.

I know I moan and whinge about the kids (who doesn't), but when I look at Oliver, Aaron and Cameron, I am so grateful for having them, I'm so scared of losing them, I appreciate everything about them. If my senses hadn't been suddenly drawn to the fact that 'something was wrong', if Mark hadn't rescued Ollie (my hero, and he didn't even have to wear budgie smugglers) if I hadn't acted so quickly in clearing his airway etc then our lives could have been so so different. Maybe thats why I photograph my children almost every day (poor things)!!!!

OK depressing part over, time to celebrate as my baby is 9, cheeky and incredibly gorgeous!!!

So, on the 7th May 1999, Oliver James Patrick Jones emerged (via caesarian AND forceps -eeerrrmmmmmm, ouch) into our world! I can honestly say, from the moment he was born, he's been the most content, calm and free spirited child I have ever known. Even as a bub he would just sit for hours on end, watching the Jones Family madness (much more entertaining than Teletubbies). With 2 older brothers, I often watched (occasionally in horror) as they would feed him, change his nappies and carry him downstairs (by the arms)!!!! (ok so my motherly skills weren't exactly spot on)! He never cried, just smiled. He learnt to take a lot of rough and tumble! Even the Health Visitor was surprised at how much the kid could take!!!

Today, my baby turns 9!!!!! How did that happen?? Where have those years gone??? To me, he still is and always will be the baby of the family. He's still just as calm and content as he was on the day he was born. I love him, and his brothers so much its scary (Mark would agree I'm one scary lady when it comes to protecting my boys)!!! I still wake at 2am every night to check on them, I still sit at the end of their beds, watching them sleep. I miss them and think about them every minute of the day when I'm at work, or when they're at school. I have been known (Mr Rugins close your eyes now) - to take the boys out of school for the day, just so we can spend the day together (ok, in my defense they may well have had slight colds..... who knows!)

Anyone that knows little Ollie, knows just what a cutie he is (not biased at all)! He loves being different to the other kids at school. Having long, blonde, curls that (due to the nitty problem at school) I quite often have to put in a bun, or tie in a ponytail (noooo, I do not want a girl)!!! He loves the simple things in life; his friends, the outdoors, wildlife, wearing wacky clothes, building sand castles on the beach, playing with his toy soldiers - it amuses me no end that I find them patrolling the house in one form or another. He loves to climb into bed with Mark and I on a morning and cuddle up to us still sucking his thumb. When I drop him off at school, he always turns around and blows me a kiss. He's a child that never asks for anything. Its incredibly difficult to buy presents for him! With the other two, all I hear is that infamous 'I want, I want, I want" - with Ollie, he's just happy with what he gets, and, more often than not, they're the older two's hand me downs!

So too our gorgeous, happy go lucky little boy, HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY!!! We all love you soooooooo much! We hope we can give you the most fantastic birthday present you deserve! Your one request was for me to design your very own birthday card.....I hope this one will do, as it just sums up the way you make us see our life.

X Mummy, Daddy, Cam and Aaron X

A very special mention to my Nanna in the UK whose celebrating another birthday! Heres a girl who knows how to do it in style - she fell and broke her wrist (tut tut Nanna - been on the booze)??? Get well soon, we think about you everyday and love you so so much! I'm sure Katy, Fern and Maggy are looking after you well (if not, you're in your 90's - you have permission to be demanding and act as dotty as you like)! Love you Nanna X

Oh and in an edit to the above re Ollie - have just spent the morning denitting the child again - deep joy!!! X


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ollie

from Gill (herrchook on BE)

Funky Photography said...

Ah thank you Gill - will update later on how he's spending his week! Dirt bike yesterday around the paddocks was great fun!

Sheye Rosemeyer said...

Happy Happy Birthday Ollie and Happy Happy BirthING day Annie :) What a gorgeous boy you have there. It gave me shivers all over to read your account of almost losing him.. An extra reason to celebrate every single birthday with much gusto and fanfare :)
Love Sheye
PS thankyou so much for Ava's link, you are so kind to do that, we appreciate it very much.

Maleny said...

Hi! I just came across your blog from Sheye's blog I think. Although I feel like a bit of an intruder reading about your family and not knowing you at all, I still enjoy reading about your journey so much.

I am currently living in Norway with my Australian partner, and I guess it is an understatement to say that we miss Queensland. For me it is of course a little harder to leave Norway again than it is for him, since my family are all over here. But when I read you story and dream about days off spent at the beach, and Sundays in a park or hiking in the beautiful hinterlands, well, I just know how much I have to look forward to when we do decide to return.

So thank you for reminding me just how great it is to live in Queensland (we used to live in Brisbane, where my boyfriend is from - we've been in Norway fro two years now) and how full and rich life can be if you choose to indulge in all the place has to offer.

Hope you have a great week!

Funky Photography said...

Thank you Sheye, I never thought of celebrating a happy birth-ing day (that would mean with my birthday I get 4!!!! Must mention this to the ever suffering husband! Its a pleasure to put Ava on the site, if we get help in anyway we will. We all adore the very special images you have taken, such a unique talent and a way of looking through the lens. Whenever we check the blog (almost daily) we all (thats myslef, family and other photography chums) stand there and go 'wow' 'wee' 'ooo' and 'ahh' - honestly its like been at the Sydney Harbour on New years Eve with all the fireworks going off!

The boys ahve decided to write special messages to Ava which we'll attach to the balloons and some of my friends have asked to come along also. Will update as soon as we're back from Sydney XXXXX

Funky Photography said...

Hi Maleny!

Nice to meet you!!! When are you thinking of returning? We love it and appreciate living here so much, the boys thrive, they love and live life to the full, they go to one of the most 'hippiest' and free spirited schools I know and I'm sure thats helped them become who they are!!!

You'll love it even more when you come back!!! Right bedtime here, as usual my kids compain I spend far too much time on this thing! Take care love Annie X

Maleny said...

Hi again Annie!

It is so good to hear that your kids are loving it in Qld. Here (as in the UK I imagine) kids spend half the year packed up in five layers of clothing, barely able to move their arms and legs in their Michelin-man-like outfits. I believe being able to run around in shorts and t-shirts and not being cold most of the time can make anyone happier. Also the laid-back attitude (that's such a cliche, but it's true) of the aussies really do have an impact on how everyday life is led.

To answer your question - I am not sure exactly when we'll return. It depends on a few things I guess, with financials being one major factor. When we return I'd really like to buy a house in the inner suburbs of Brisbane, or in the hinterlands (that's my dream anyway, my partner is not as keen on the idea of living that far away from the city. A weekender somewhere up or down the coast would be amazing, but now I'm just dreaming Don't think the return is too far away though, as winters here are sooo dark and wet, I can barely stand it now I've seen the sunny side of life down under. Don't know how many more of those winters I can do before we need to go and buy those one-way Hopefully it will happen in not more than two years time.

As you say, I do believe I will enjoy everything even more when moving back. It is the everyday life there I'm missing.

Maleny x

Funky Photography said...

Ah maleny, you should be here right now - its just beautiful (but word on the weather grapevine is its sunny in the UK too) - hurrah! Ollie's birthday was huge but tiring - at the end of the day i just snuggled up in bed in warm PJ's and slept like a log! You'll have so much fun when you come back, like I say you'll appreciate it all over again XXXX Annie XXX

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