Saturday, June 21, 2008

I can sing a Rainbow .......

Red and yellow and pink and green........

I've decided I'm jinxed! Every time I have a day off - it rains! Every time I decide to book a holiday - it rains! Drought stricken countries everywhere should be signing me up! With the rain however does come one good thing, rainbows! 4 of them the other day and Mark reckons the end of the rainbow was firmly fixed on our car as he took the boys to school! He said it' followed him' and he had rainbow colours either side of the car (ummm me thinks Mark's been on the wacky backy)! So, I've been out and got lotto tickets (well you never know)! With petrol prices at $1.59 a litre - we need to win something!

My Domestic Goddliness is continuing! Surely it can't be a faze ifs its gone on for over a week????? I have become a 'lil miss sew n sew'! I'm stitching anything that moves (including the kids), and I've made myself a lens pouchy utility belt thingy! Hopefully it'll stop me from having very expensive lenses loose everywhere in my beach bag! Aaron is also stitching anything and everything, and has even made me a pin cushion! I have also made a pork roast this week - impressed???? You should be as I've never cooked a pork roast in my life (thats 34 years)!!!!

Oooo roast potatoes - give the girl a badge!

My new pin cushion - thank you Aaron

We had a lovely BBQ with our friends Colleen and Mark - it was great to see them after so long! Honestly their children are adorable! Happy Birthday Chick!

Its also been great to spend a few days with Carly, Anya & Ryder! Anya has started pre-school 2 days a week, it felt odd her not being with us down by the river! Her presence was definately missing!

And to Susie & Toby, you're beautiful boy! Doesn't he look fab! Oh and so patient!

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