Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sunset on a Winters Day

My friend June once said to me "sunsets in winter are the best"! I never realised how true this was until yesterday when Mark and I took ourselves plus cameras to Little Cove. It was beautiful, as the temperature dipped, the tourists vanished (haha no stamina)! As they vanished, some more photographers popped up (gosh we're everywhere)! So inbetween dodging the other photographers (I never realised how much we get in the way of other people), I managed to get some images of our beautiful winter sunsets.

So to my sisters Katy & Fern all the way over in the UK - these are for you! I hope you've had a wonderful birthday! Now you're in your 30's - its all downhill!

The boys are now offcially on their two weeks half term - so far they've had one sleepover and played on the x-box! Next week it'll be time to get them active (x-box and psp's banned, surf boards out of the closet and we're hitting the beach)! I can hear them groaning from here!

My car magnets are now in situ - so far they've stayed in place, even when dashing to Noosa at 110kmp! It does mean I now have to keep my car ever so slightly sparkling!

I've also managed the unimaginable! I have photographed animals! (anyone that knows me will know, that this is something I've never done)! These two pooches are adorable, and very easy to capture! Oh and I never sneezed once!

A HUGE thank you to Mike for helping me get my little head around Adobe Lightroom - I now love, love LOVE it! If any of you don't know Mike, he's an amazing fashion photographer from Melbourne. His work is just breathtaking and he constantly amazes me.

Next it Tanya's turn to master it - hehe!

Also congratulations to Colleen! Her business 'A Wonderful Blessing' is now up and running. Colleen is a qualified birthing assistant (doula) and child minder. She covers the whole of the sunshine coast. Her new website is;

Annie X

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