Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Can you see the dolphin, or is it a shark? Laguna Bay, Noosa

Electric blankets? Doonas?Beanies? Could it be winter?? (she looks at her poor shivering children) - why yesss, and boy don't we know it! We could have been forgiven for thinking it was actually wet season all over again last week as flooding +++ - I couldn't even get the kids to school as both roads to Eumundi were closed. Luckily - we survived (well the kids did) plenty of Family guy DVD's and their PSP's! This is possibly why their behaviour appears to be going downhill - ummmmmm.....

The changing colours of winter - Blue Mountains

A massive Happy Birthday to my sisters Katy & Fern! Pressies in the post! Oh and lovin Kate Nash's album 'Made of Bricks' - its fab! Very real and love the London accent - see some things I do miss from the UK!

Personally, I think they'd be a lot more interest, if the book was called 'Where's Willy' - we'd all go hunting for him!

More news, my car magnets arrived! I love em! Cameron's friend Jacob won't, as they're pics of him - enlarged - a lot! I have to make sure when I drop the kids to school I remove them otherwise the poor kid'll get picked on!

So far we haven't managed to attach them to the car - but they're looking pretty neat on the fridge! (its a big fridge), here they are!

I called this blog entry Reflection, as I was going to reflect on how our year has been, but, I need to clean the toilets (in the house) - so its been an up and down year, some things good (photography and business) some things bad (working for a lesbo sociopath who still owes me over $2000 in unpaid superannuation) ummmm don't think I'll ever see that money! The boys continue to love life, push the boundaries and get taller (I'm gonna be the smallest one in the household in a few months)! Mark - happy with his lot and progressing at work nicely (oooo you Instructor you)! Didn't take him long to start teaching others how it should be done!

The main things from this year are the wonderful friends we've had come and visit - Deb's & Jerry - come bacckkkkkk!!!! Oh to have another set of adults in the house - pre bliss! And also the friends we've made - our life here now is very 'familiar' - when we walk down the street, we're constantly stopping to talk to people we know, quick chats, turn into half hour conferences!The boys have reg sleepovers, they've built up a network of mates, who I hope they'll continue to grow up with. Lunches, evening BBQ's and lazy days at the river sipping wine with friends - just perfect! Right on that perfect note - its time to dash and clean the loos - yup some things don't change from your life!

Go 'old skool'! My children's feet - or rather their shoes! Taken with a zoom as I didn't want to get that close!

Seriously Oliver!

Our thoughts are with our very good friends Susie & Rich as they've had to dash back to the UK to be with family. Thinking of you and missing you lots XXXXX

And finally to Annabel all the way down there in the Blue Mountains - some pics of your gorgeous children 3 little models in the making for sure!

XX Annie XX


Maleny said...

Car magnets! What a great idea - I hope they generate lots of work for you! Photos are lovely, I really miss the Australian light.

Funky Photography said...

haha, we haven't been able to use them yet! Its been raining - lots! Also I'm a tad concerned that they'll fly off whilst driving! Be interesting to test them out! I hope they work too - if they're successful, we're going to see about getting stickers put on the car XXXX you'll be back soon hun XXX

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