Thursday, July 3, 2008

Precious time......

School hols and I'm not being driven mad (but we are only in the first few days)!! Shared a few precious hours with Ollie yesterday at Laguna Bay - that was until he got bitten by a bull ant and turned into 'oh so not Mr Cool Drama Queen' - he pleaded with me to go to the Lifeguard hut - I told him "no way, put some cold water on it and harden up" (yes cruel I know)! So I gave it a kiss better and shoved him in the car! By the time we got to Sunshine Beach he was all ok - but I missed a gorgeous sunset - ummmm he is not forgiven, yet!

Look at the smirk on his face! He's got me well and truly!

My new camera is on order - pleasseeee Mark close your eyes now as it cost lots of $$$$$'sss!!! I'll have to do a lot of weddings to pay it off!

We've also had some very precious time on the beach with Tanya. Tanya is a beautiful photographer from Noosa (PhotoNoosa). We're both so similar and we both 'see' the same things! Tanya describes us as kindred photography spirits! We sat on the beach contemplating how lucky we are (and snapping anything and anyone that moved)!!! I think our children are 'so over it'!!! With our cameras being thrown about all over the place I'm not actually sure who took what - but either way, we got some lovely images of where we live (and of course our children - and for that matter, other peoples children - its ok we found the parents and got permission)!

One of the Mum's we met was Pauline, Pauline is a very talented artist and photographer who works with shells! Her website is: She does some beautiful frames, mirrors and other craft. Her website is truly inspiring!

So to Tanya & Harry, thank you for a lovely evening XXX

Casting a net X

X Annie X


Annabel said...

Hello Mrs. Lovely photographs. I love the latest of you kissing O.
What camera have you got on order then?
If I ever get married again, you're it, ok? :D

Funky Photography said...

Ahhhh your on blogger!!!! And of course you'll get married again!! Well after much much research I've decided its the D300. I wasn't going to as its so similar to the D200, but it shoots at 6 frames per sec (9 with the battery grip) and its rated better than the canon 5d and the Nikon DX2. For weddings I'll use both the D300 and the D80 (as I LOVE the D80).

Can't wait to do your wedding now - you better hurry that up!! X

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