Thursday, July 10, 2008


No not rental bonds, or the clothing label for that matter, but family bonds! Not having a really close family (well we are scattered all over the world), I'm always softened when I see close families together - and those that get on.......without fighting! The bond between Brooke and her Mum and Dad is amazing, and I mean really 'amazing'! They are also incredibly gorgeous and photogenic! Can you believe Lindy is Brooke's Mum???? She's definately not old enough, and Brooke's got those purrrfecttt young genes too! The one person we are missing is Brooke's brother - next time he's up in Noosa we'll grab him!

Went for a lovely meal at Muse down Hastings Street, Noosa. Its all white, new and funky. Attention to detail fab, even down to the waterfall window! Can definately recommend the place, it was all very organised and serene, the food was perfect and not once did our children misbehave (well we had threatened them with loss of pocket money)! Several times we were wished a 'happy holiday' - as iff!!!! Some of us have to live, (and work) here! But I can think of worst places to be!

Still adjusting to the D300, using both cameras equally as much (tho swapping lenses between the two is frustrating - but necessary)!

better dash, as usual I have toilets to clean and bed to make (unless the magic 'housework' fairy has made an appearance - which I very much doubt)! More pics on teh way from another Love Bug session! Where have all the children gone???? I'm not sure, but I do have a couple of cuties booked in for next week!

Annie XXXX

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