Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away!

come again another day! I wish! The flurry of recent downpours has meant I've had to cancel two of my shoots. After much deliberation (and persuation), I finally got Mark to agree on having a studio built! Now anyone that knows me, knows I dislike studios a lot - however I need an alternative on rainy days - and we seem to have a lot of them on the 'sunny' coast! So plans etc are in full swing, I've ordered much of the studio equipment and can't wait to test it out on my willing volunteers (I just have to find some first)!

Oh and the BEST news this week (even better than it being the last week of the school hols) is that my beautiful new Nikon D300 has arrived and I love, love LOVE it! Having to adapt very quickly to setting exposure and shutter speeds, but I'll get there - I hope! I might just try and pre set everything before wedding and engagement shoots to see how I go!

Other news - I've been busy sewing tutu's! Gosh that tuille stuff to rock hard! I need an industrial strength sewing machine! Will post piccies when they're all finished!

Oh and I've found another baby store in Noosa that sells just the most gorgeous clothes and accessories! I couldn't help myself! Despite not having a baby or for that matter, a girl, I purchased a very cute sun hat, aged 0-9mths! All I need now is the baby to put it on!

So, any mum's out there with gorgeous baby girls and wanting a freebie photo shoot, please step forward! You can contact me on 54713474 or email me at funkyphotography@hotmail.com! Oh and the shop is Pure Innocence at Gateway Drive (near Panda Playland) http://www.pureinnocence.com.au/

Many thanks to Tatum's Mum Pauline for allowing me to put her piccies on here X

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