Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just AMAZING legs!!!!

She's probably fed up of me saying it now, but Ms Y has the most AMAZING legs!!! They go on forever! I met Ms Y & Mr S at the weekend for a Love Bug session and boy were they fun - and up for anything!! Not only great legs, but beautiful inside and out!! I feel most honoured to have had the opportunity to capture them!

As usual I made them trapse over most of Noosa, we did some ditch jumping into cane fields (no snakes), nearly rode a bull at the Pioneer hut (well I know they wanted too), and stood under 'penis' graphitti at Peregian Beach (somehow I've managed to erase that)!

So to an extremely good looking couple, a huge Thank You! Next stop ......... the wedding (me nervous????? Ummmmm most definately!!!!!

Annie XXX

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