Thursday, July 24, 2008

Studio Blues.....

Or maybe thats 'not having a studio blues'!! I have all the equipment, and no studio (in fairness I actually haven't got the foggiest on how to use it)! I'm waiting for the handy man (Mark) to do the decking to the alfresco area (or verandah as those Sydneysiders call it) so I can move the couch downstairs and have my studio upstairs until we sort out a more permanent location (beach front unit at Peregian would be fab)!!

So today, despite the rain and the misery, the handyman is finally doing my decking - hurrah!! He's already cut himself once (no bleeding and finger securely in place) and I'm sure he's put the wood upside down, but its getting done and thats all that matters!!!

Last Sunday we popped down to Brisbane to have a sticky beak at Yolande and Shaun's wedding location - its beautiful! I met the very gorgeous Miss M! Did her parents embarrass her??? Well of course they did! Embarrassing kids is what us parents do best!

We also braved Ikea - it was a traumatic time so I'll say no more, other than 'bored kid syndrome'!! I now have all my office furniture and its looking pretty swish!

I have finally worked out how to set up some presets on my D300 (only took a week)! So now the only thing I have to concern myself with is the ISO setting which I can quickly adjust! ( I apologise to non-camera people for the jargon) And there was I last week wanting to hurl it at a wall cos 'it doesn't work'!!! (how silly I am, I just had to read the manual - story of my life)!

Cameron Aaron and Ollie are enjoying being back at school, and back with their friends! Ollie's hair is now down to his bum! Whilst untangling it the other morning I asked if he'd like a trim, his reply??? "NO WAY MUM"! He's recognised the fact that his hair makes him different, and he likes being different! Aaron is continuing to have temper tantrums, despite being nearly 12 years old! Cameron, well Cameron's the most independant and grown up child I know - he's more grown up than Mark!!! The only problem I have with him, is he still insists on having a comfort blanket! (ummm so maybe not that grown up) The boys 13! Maybe his wife can throw it out when he's older!

And how cute is this little chappie??? His Mum works at Pure Innocence the gorgeous baby boutique shop in Noosa - how could I resist taking a few pics of this lovely bundle??? (I couldn't)

A massive congrats to my sis Katy and hubby Adam, as they've completed on their barn purchase! Here's wishing you happy happy renovations!!!! If its anything like your other reno - it'll be the most purrrfecttt and beautiful home! And below some pics of 'unwilling volunteer Number 1'(Cameron) and the very first shots in my studio! Be warned everyone that knows me - if you visit, you get photographed! I'm very brave putting these on here, cos I honestly don't know what I'm doing! He does look completely miserable, but thats cos he hates his pic being taken, and really dislikes his freckles! I think he's absolutely gorgeous!!! But then,. I'm biased!

Annie XXXX

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