Monday, July 28, 2008

Warm Coats for a Winters Day....

and boy did we need them! Never felt anywhere so chilly - and I'm a pom! Ok, so it wasn't quite as chilly as the UK, but it was cold enough to warrant massive mugs of hot choc and a plate of sausages,mash and thick gravy! I'll regret that I'm sure!

Here's a sneak peek at todays activities, Master H and Miss Z, two little cuties for sure! They're both so calm, and happy - their Mum's are doing a fabulous job!

How many cuties are there in Noosa??? Stacks!! Mst B did very well considering he's just had his jabs and was a little bit grumpy - poor thing! Between us all we managed to get a little smile out of him!

His big sister was also very colourful and sweet!

Also a very sparkly Miss M in her winter coat and hat! How gorgeous is she??? Could get plenty of pics of her, but hardly any of her brother - he was off playing and being a 'boy'!

and finally the beautiful Mr & Mrs O! What a beautiful and natural bond you both have! Coupled with two utterly gorgeous children! What more could you need!

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