Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Funky Photography in Print!!!

What an exciting start to August!!! Firstly my brother Rich and his girlfriend are popping over from NZ for a weeks holiday (do not bring the NZ weather - or else)!!! Secondly, I've decided to advertise! Now I wasn't going to as quite frankly, I can only cope with two photoshoots a week (other photographers will understand the time and effort spent editing and processing etc) - but, I came across a fab magazine called Kids on the Coast and its just puuurrrfecttt to advertise my style of photography!

The girls at KOTC have designed my ad and I love, love, LOVE it!! I nearly cried when I opened up the email! Thank you so much Simone and gang! Can't wait to see it in print! And a very special thank you to all the kids and parents featured - including my own Ollie and Aaron!

My portfolio 'rebuilding' is going well - for anyone that remembers, I accidentally deleted my online portfolio on my website (duhhhh - blonde moment for sure)! As a result I lost my portfolios completely. Now I could have searched the archives and reloaded them, but I decided to start afresh, as I needed to update anyway. So below, are some pics of little Miss T - she didn't mind modelling whatsoever, infact, she was super super cute in her little tutu!

Some of the photographs I've taken have been turned into some fabulous pieces of artwork by the very talented artist Gerwin Heinrich in Germany. Gerwin's work is incredibly unique and vibrant! Thank you so much Gerwin!

The problems with my computer continue! Its incredibly frustrating as I can't edit my pics or upload anymore (out of harddrive space). Wonder hubby as fitted new harddrive, but it still isn't working properly - ahhh far too complicated for a non-geeky person like me to explain!!! Watch this space as I may be going over to Mac! So a little later than planned, here's some pics of the gorgeous Miss M - only the sun was in her eyes so you can't see her face!

We finally got a chance to catch up with friends at the weekend, it was just fab! Live music, bubbly and snacks - what else could we need!! Thanks so much to Mel and Si for travelling up from BFN (Beerwah)!

Aaron is in the soccer team at school (deep joy watching those games)! I've told him the only reason I'm watching is because he's playing!!! We've all finally managed to get to the dentist for our yearly checkup - only I ended up with a good clean and scrape and a filling!!!! Woe is me! Expensive times ahead as all the boys will need braces (only $4000 a head)!!! I'm begining to wonder whether I can make braces out of paperclips!!! I mean, how hard can it be?? Ummmmm........

The beautiful Miss M - she is the image of her gorgeous Mum, Suzi

X Annie X

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