Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Boys will be, errmmm boys!!!

You gotta love em! You tell NOT to do something - to them that means - GO AHEAD!!! Even if its something so obviously dangerous - you'd have to be really stupid to do it (ummmm will keep quiet there). What am I prattling on about???? Electric fences of course!!! After a hectic week of photo shoots and long hours for Mark, we decided to head into the Gold Coast hinterland for some R&R. We do this often, R&R to us means a secluded farm stay on 500 acres, with nothing but cattle and kook's to keep us company! We found this in the Kerry Valley - an amazingly beautiful place, an hour west from the Gold Coast near Beaudesert. The electric fences??? Ummm everywhere!!!!

Now I gave the boys my Nikon D80 (not my precious D300) and instructed them to go off and photograph!! Be free and creative - but DO NOT drop the camera!!! What did I download when they returned??? Ummm some great shots, plus others, slightly dodgy showing them progressing from throwing stuff at the electric fences, to poking them with sticks to full on testing them out on their little human bodies! Yes, can't say I was that impressed!!!

The very pic that alerted me to the boys antics - taken by Jacob, wounderful perspective tho!!

Give a 9 year old a camera and what does he take pics of??? Me!!!

& what do I take pics of? Him!

I love the stance,the camera hold and how he's always looking for something to photograph! They've all got so much passion for it - its wonderful!

So back to the farm stay! We stayed at a place called Crebra. An amazing farm house, sleeps 12 and a beautiful log fireplace (yep we needed that)! Temps glorious during the day, but definately on the chilly side at night! Theres a creek at the bottom where you can go fishing, and from the top of the mountain are sweeping views of the Kerry Valley. O'Reilly's rainforest walk is about a 25 min drive away as is the Lost World. Beaudesert is a 15 min drive and is well worth a look round - we thought it had more shops than Noosa!

Michael and Sally the owners were great (and yesss Michael you're right, you can't see Pluto - duhhhh)!!! There was plenty to keep the boys entertained (electric fences - which Micheal turned off thankfully) and fishing. Mark and I chilled, prepared lunches on the BBQ (and also breakfast). I read trashy mags and chilled whilst listening to my baby, Frank Sinatra!

All that hair!!!

I stayed out for a few hours during the night star gazing (wrapped in silly hat and sleeping bag) as the stars really were amazing (can see geeky Pargy hot footing down there as I type)!

All in all, a fabulous weekend, at a fabulous place! Thanks so much Sally and Michael! For bookings contact:

Nathan Overell
Green Triangle Experiences Pty Ltd
35 Fern St
Woolloongabba QLD 4102
Ph: 1800 503 475
International Phone: +61422587567

Oh and I'd just like to point out the obvious (in case anyone's not noticed) - since I started working back full time, the sun has shone everyday!!! I told you I was jinxed with the weather! I bet you, I'll reduce my hours and........ it'll rain!!!!

On that note I'll sign off! The wonderful Miss Annabel Hollins and her partner Neil are here in Noosa for a few days to warm up (they live in the very chilly Blue Mountains, NSW) - this'll be quickly followed by my baby brother Rich and his girlfriend Nikki from NZ! Busy busy!!!


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