Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sugar & Spice.........

..... yes thats what little girls are made of! These little girls were that and so much more; not only incredibly beautiful, but amazingly placid and fun! They get those gorgeous genes from their mum Simone (oops and Dad)! And despite a bout of laryngitis (me) I managed to get enough vocal ability to take some pics of these gorgeous girls. Oh and I found heart shaped balloons!!! The shop where I get my lovely daisy's for shoots had some tucked away in a drawer! I love that little bit of cuteness they add to the picture.

The 'hat' I made for Mia - according to Mum - she loves it!

Thank you Simone, Jess, Mia and Zoe for a wonderful afternoon! Next stop...... well some 'rustic' pics! If any of you out there spot some rustic looking locations in and around Noosa they drop us a line - or maybe you've got a farm with some disused farm building and hay bales??? We're up for anything (well I am)! I'm also looking for areas with colourful walls (please no not the 'adult' shops - the fact that they ussally have huge signs with 'Entry at Rear' on the walls is a tad off putting to put it mildly)! Just drop me an email or give us a call if you spot anywhere funky!
I'd also love to hear from any Mum's out there with 18-24mth little girls! In return for a piccy shoot you'll get copies of all the best pics from the day!

Miss Mia and her beautiful green eyes

We went from coast to country (not difficult living where we live), and the girls embraced it all!

Time for the funky colours to kick in (and not a lollipop in sight)!

Our thoughts and prayers are with Sheye and Crayte Rosemeyer whose little Ava would have been 5 yrs old this week, I'm sure the Super Princess is having balloons, cake and lots of pink ice cream! The pink balloons are for you.....


Anonymous said...

WOW Annie your fantastic I love love love your work

love Lace xxx

Funky Photography said...

Ahhh thank you Lace - now you'll have to register and be my only blog stalker!!!

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