Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Spring has Sprung!!!

Ahhh gosh, I can't begin to explain how much I love spring! Spring to me signifies a new begining to the year, fresh, colourful and above all.....warm (yesss, I can hear my family sniggering at this, but 13 degrees to me IS COLD)!!! Anyways, I love being woken up by the sun streaming in through the blinds in the morning, the cockatoos screeching (well ok, only for the first 2mins then they can bugger off)! I adore the beautiful, golden sunsets that, after the sun has disappeared, leaves a fine pink and purple haze on the horizon. I find Spring invigorating, yet relaxing at the same time (always was a confused bunny)!

What better way to start off the 'fresh' season but with a shoot for the very beautiful Miss C! Oh gosh, shes just too cute for words (even when cranky in a tutu)! I managed to capture that back of her head oooooooo, lets just say a 'number of times', although her Mum and I agree, she does the 'back of the head' shot very well! So a huge Thank You to Miss C and Mum for a lovely morning/afternoon!

Other news in the Jones household - well my brother visited us from NZ! We had such a ball with him and his girlfriend Nikki - from chillin on Noosa Main beach, to the Jazz Festival, to climbing through the rainforest at Mapleton and enjoying the stunning views at Montville! They even managed Aussie Zoo (in the pouring rain AND got on TV - jammy or what)! We miss you so much and can't wait for you to move here permanently! Roll on Christmas and cricket on the beach!

The ONLY decent pic from about 20 - they just wouldn't listen to me!Boys eh?

We also celebrated another Daddy's Day with our usual family brekkie on the BBQ (no, I didn't manage to give anyone food poisoning - this time), a walk on the beach then cheese, wine, strawberries and chocolate overlooking Laguna Bay at sunset. It was a great end to Rich and Nikki's holiday, and Mark enjoyed himself too!

I also met up with the very beautiful Miss M and Mr C for a 'Love Bug' session before their wedding in May next year. We had a lot of fun and got some good pics out of it - some of which are going on canvas! How exciting!

The VERY gorgeous and talented Kate Austin from Inhouse Studios has admitted to being a stalker, a blog stalker that is! Now I would know this because??? I'm a blog stalker!!! In fact I stalk Kates all the time! There is no hope (or therapy) for any of us - but.... once you admit you're a stalker you can in fact join a 'blog stalkers club' - I have! So, if you follow my blog, then join the club - click on Blog Stalkers on the right! (please note, if no one joins, then I will join Kate in throwing a hissy fit and removing it completely)

And those astute peeps out there (is that spelt right) would have noticed that I have changed the blogger name, to match my company name! Eeermmmm yes, it just kinda makes sense. In a way its sad to say goodbye to Glittababe007, but my blogger has evolved from where it first started off all those moons ago! I'll continue to use it as a way to keep friends and family in the UK in touch with whats going on here, but it'll mainly be used as a Photoblog. Sad or progression? Not sure really, either way I've spruced it up and given you a choice of music! Hows that for service!

More fun and exciting times to come as.....its'almost ' Yolande & Shaun's wedding day - gosh it seems like we've been waiting for it for ages then.....boommmmm its here! Fingers crossed for glorious weather as a) don't like the cold and b) its no fun getting photographed in the rain!!!


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