Monday, October 20, 2008

I had a dream.......

...... I dreamt I was photographing a little girl, jumping up and down on a pretty wrought iron bedstead, in a field with long grass,. Sometimes dreams don't come true so you have to make them happen. I mentioned this dream to my lovely Mark, who mentioned it to his friends and..............

they moved heaven and earth (and a wrought iron bed) to make my dream 'happen'! I'm so thrilled, its extrodinary what friends will do for you! None of them thought I was bonkers at all (well maybe just a little bit) and nobody threw a hissy fit when they'd re-assembled the bed in 30 degree heat only to be told "I don't like it there, can you move it??" So to Jason and Alanna thank you so much for the use of your bed, your land (your BBQ - hey we got hungry) and your neighbours children!! And also a huge thank you to Amanda B for loaning me her 'shabby-chic' quilts and cushion {the twins won't miss them at all}!

Next stop.....a bed on a beach of course! Don't you just love putting furniture where it shouldn't be?

{have yet to edit the bed pics, but here are a few from the week - lots of lots of cuteness}

A very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Cameron's girlfriend ('gf') Jedcia who is now 13!!! How did that happen! We hope you've had a fantastic day, pressie in teh post, as usual it has been delayed due to Cameron's tardiness!


Tanya said...

Gorgeous photos!! love it when a dream becomes a reality!! can't wait to see the beach ones!!

t. xx

Renee Moore Photo said...

Gorgeous images :)

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