Thursday, October 9, 2008

A little bit of heaven.......

Thats what it felt like last Saturday when I was 'ever so ever so' brave and joined Brooke, Phill, Fergus & Trevor on a heli trip over Noosa (it was work related I promise)! The weather was perfect, the company great and Brooke looked fantastic in one of Karen's little numbers from Pure Bridal in Noosa. And..... I only swore an incy bit on take off (incy wincy bit)! I don't recall at all anyone asking for my mic to be turned off!

So, a few from the day, Noosa is as amazing from the air as it is on the ground. Best of all we got to see whales,dolphins,rays and sharks (I wouldn't swim in the sea here - mad people)!

A huge thank you to Brooke,Karen,Billy and Phill oh and to the pilots Fergus (lurrvleyyy Irish accent) and Trevor for getting us safely back on the ground!

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Tanya said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos! Helicopters are rather scary!!! love Irish accents!

tanya xx

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