Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tickles & Giggles & Freshly Baked Babies X

Phew! What a week - I'm exhausted! Inbetween being Mum, chief cook, bottle washer, laundry lady extrodinaire ( I consider washing over 5 loads a day extra-ordinary), Nurse (no seriously, I am a nurse), I actually managed to get in a couple of shoots! So a big thank you to the beautiful Ryan family (I will be keeping all the funny faced pics for when your littly's turn 18)! And to Bridgett & Dion - a huge congratulations on the birth of little Kiara - she is so tiny tiny!!! (I have plans for this little one, and her big sisters so I will be seeing them again very soon)!

A BIG Happy Birthday to my Dad and niece Courtney - pressies are sitting here next to me (sorry haven't had a chance to post them - I'll make a special effort tomorrow)! Miss you all very much XX

At some point I will get around to getting some pics of my gorgeous boys - Cameron changes by the day and I'm sure he's about 5'6 now which just isn't on for a 13 yr old! As usual, everytime I get the camera out, they tell me to 'go away' - so not feeling the love :(


Gail said...

Your photos are absolutely amazing!

mariancalago said...

Thanks for your comments on my page.
You really got a talent of photography. good job.

Anonymous said...

How did you do you signature font your photographs?

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