Saturday, October 4, 2008

There's something about Mary........

Remember that scene in 'There's Something About Mary' where Ben Stiller is 'trapped' up in the bathroom and the whole neighbourhood, including then local plod and firies get called in???? Well, that was our house a couple of days ago! Funny? Hilarious, when its not you! What started off as a perfectly 'normalish' Friday turned into Freaky Friday (wonder how many more movie themes I can get into this post)?? Having neglected the kids for the past two weeks (Mum? What Mum?), Mark and I decided to have 'family' time and whisk them down to the beach for a walk and talk (actually discovered Cameron is 5'4 whilst doing this - is that normal for a 13 yr old)??

Anyway, emergency call from the skate bowl - a child had 'stacked it' and was unconscious(my lovely son had informed everyone that his Mum was 'almost a Dr' - so they immediately rushed and got me)!!! Errrrr, helloooooo NURSE! Anyway, after a very quick triage we called the ambo's - parents not around so we sat it out and waited (very dutiful) - he came around, a little shakey and rather than being sympathetic I said to this poor kid "YOU need to wear a helmet" - lectured him for about 2 mins then retreated back home...where.... I reversed over the water main thingy! Water everywhere - spectacular show - shooting up 20ft right over our house!

Neighbours all come running armed with various spanners (possibly to hit me with), kids get into their board shorts and the police get called (aka hubby). One of Mark's delightful colleagues decides its a job for the firies, whilst the rest of the neighbourhood decided to break into Alf's house (because Alf has everything, but is away) and grab a load of tools and piping!

Soooo, 4 hrs later the council turn up to fix the problem, by which time everyones disappeared cos they got bored of the new water feature. We survived 4 hrs of no water, couldn't even flush a loo (not that our boys do anyway) - it was tough but we got through it!

Oh and did I mention the Courier Mail came to have a look too????

After such an eventful day you'd think I'd have disappeared off down the bottle shop...ummmm nope cos I was babysitting for Carly and Andy (happy anniversary guys) so I had to be responsible (thats definately questionable)!

On the upside, the school hols are over now so they'll get plenty of attention from their teachers! We now have a brand new shiny water main! The garden is greener than ever (as are our neighbours) and....well it can't get any worst can it?........


Anonymous said...

I want to see pictures of this huge water spout!! You photograph EVERYTHING, so surely you did not miss this??
Maybe I should check out the Curer Mails website???!!!

Steve & girls

Funky Photography said...

Do you know, I soooooo wanted too but thought amongst all the choas - it was really inappropriate!!! As the sun was setting, the kids were jumping through it in their boardies - looked amazing! Alas, with everyone there, I just couldn't bring myself to do it! Chicken or what???

Anonymous said...

ahh - you bottled it!!! (maybe you should have bottled the water instead!!)


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