Sunday, May 10, 2009

DD equals.....

Double digits! My baby is now TEN! I'm still getting used to saying it..... I don't know whether to laugh or cry, it only seems like yesterday when we brought him home from the hospital, all freshly baked and.... tiny 'ish' {I have to add the ish as he was nearly a 10 pounder}! So to my 'baby', Happy DD Birthday, heres to your 11th,12th,13th and many many more to come ;)

Shhhh....Ollie's last moments of being 9!

Happy Birthday to my brother Rich and also my sister in law Lisa! Gosh its a busy time ;)

Another very special delivery also happened on May 7th...... (be it ten years later) Olivia Rose was born at 5am, in Sydney! So to the Caldwell family, we are soooo happy for you, shes absolutely gorgeous and you should feel so proud ;) Well done Mich!
and of course..... Happy Mum's Day to all the gorgeous mum's out there. As usual the days past in a blur! I received some awesom pressies from the boys and Mark, so thank you! Carley and I also went to watch the flamenco dancers at the 'J' in Noosa. As Carley says, its definately a spectator sport ;) All that stomping around can hardly be good for your feet!

Oh and my 'new/old' toy arrived! A 1949 Kodak Brownie camera, the exact one my Mum used to use! I'm so excited (nerdy I know)! Now I just have to work out what to do with it?

and finally...... Ollie's cast is off! He's free! Oh and yes that is Mark cutting it off with a saw - he trusts us more than the hospital (mad fool he is) ;)

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Mummy McTavish said...

Happy Birthday Ollie! & Happy Cast-off Ollie! Enjoy your freedom!!!

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